Friday, August 18, 2006

We have a WINNAH!


I went in for my u/s this morning, to see how many follies I was growing if any. I have to confess a bit of fear - yesterday I took 2 opk's and the second one was lighter than the first and I was afraid I'd missed my surge.

Turns out I was wrong! :) I had 8 follies on each ovary. On the right the biggest three were 14mm, 13mm, and 11mm. On the left ovary, however, there is a 22mm, 13.5mm, and 11.5mm! You read right... 22mm follie. That's my kid in there! And I suppose it's possible that the right side 14mm could develop into a mature follie - only another 4mm to go, but I don't know how fast they develop.

After the u/s the nurse lady triggered me. I didn't feel the shot itself...but a few minutes later it started to burn/itch. And I have a small welt there - at least it's on a stretch mark already! I also went and picked up my progesterone - ick. Last time I used this I was allergic to the media used, but I got it from a compounding place this time. :)

Please pray for us tomorrow morning. We are scheduled at 9:15 for the IUI itself, but we have to be there by 8:00 for collection and prep. I'm a little worried about the pressure on DH...and that my cervix won't cooperate.

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Wen782 said...

YAY, Jen!!! Your cervix will be fine and really, it doesn't matter if it won't play nice, they will MAKE it play. A tennaculum and a bit of dilating action and the boys will go. Good luck to DH and big hugs, lady! Sounds like things are fantastic in there!!!