Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The b/w is back finally

The nurse called yesterday but I wasn't available because I was working. I called them this morning to get the full results.

E2: 3.6 (good to be low that early otherwise the rest of the results would be faulty)
thyroid: 1.8
FSH: 6.2 (yay for good ovarian reserves!!! More eggies in there still!)
LH: 2.7 (because this is lower than the FSH it does NOT indicate PCOS...woo!)
Prolactin: 6.8 (I am super excited about this one - last year it was close to 30, which is WAY too high. It came down on it's own, no meds!)

Here is a chart that gives a breakdown of the levels and what they mean, if you want to see it for yourself. I am just totally stoked - we're both in the normal ranges!!!!

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Amber52377 said...


That's AWESOME news!!! I'm so glad to hear that both of you are in the normal range. That's wonderful & certainly bodes well for a successful IUI :-D

Like I said before, I've got EVERYTHING crossed for ya!! You & Aaron certainly deserve that bundle of joy!!

So when's the IUI scheduled???

PS. Your MIL is a crotch!! Can't believe she bought 5 (5?!?) sandwiches & did offer you one & THEN ate all your bread- HOW RUDE!!! ((((((HUGS))))))