Friday, October 19, 2007

Kicks to the Gut

There is more coming to my "Pardon Me, Miss" post, but I'll save it for another day. Right now...right now I have other things to whine about. Really, that's all this blog seems to be anymore - a place for me to whine about how life is unfair and painful and I'm tired of it. But really, that belongs in the Bitter post.

Last night I went out with Wilma and another friend to a place where you can paint ceramics. The company has the pieces already - you just go in, purchase one, sit down and paint it. They fire it for you and everything. Well, Wilma brought her baby, which is only to be expected since he's a mere 16 days old. Not that I can believe she brought her child out to a place where there are a lot of other people before he was 6 weeks old, but that's a whole other opinion that I should keep to myself. At any rate, I knew she was bringing him and I figured I could handle it for a few hours. I did.


I almost burst into tears when she left. Had I not been in a public place with another friend, I just might have. I had watched Wilma interact with her baby in the only way that a mother can. To see that bond between them, to see her react to her child's felt like a physical kick to the gut. I tried to escape by going to get food, but she tagged along. There was no breathing room. No way to escape the pain. No way to express it.

It's odd...she doesn't see herself in the same camp as Giggles. We were talking about Giggles and Chuckles being in the house and how I don't want them there. I had mentioned that I really didn't want the baby born while they were still under my roof but that I don't really have a whole lot of say in the matter. Giggles is ripening and is also 37 weeks along - a few more weeks and she'll be having this child. I doubt they'll be out of our home by then. I've tried to convince myself that I just need to come to terms with this fact...but instead I find myself raging and crying a lot. Wilma says "You don't need to put up with that, Jen. They don't understand. Hell, Chuckles still thinks you can get pregnant. All you have to do is have lots and lots of sex, you know. ;) You don't need to have that in your life, and having a child in your house is going to be really hard on you." Funny, that. She doesn't seem to understand that it's just as hard for me to be around her now that she has another child.

The first one wasn't so bad...but we hadn't even gone to an RE yet. We were 7 months into trying when she announced she was pregnant the first time. We still thought we had a chance, that it would just take a little while. Now the second one has arrived and we know we're down for the count. This will not happen for us. Ok, so if I'm absolutely truthful, we have a 1% chance every month. Yes, it theoretically could happen. Yes, miracles do happen all the time. I can't live like that anymore. It's simply easier to say "It will never happen". Wilma doesn't understand that her second child is a lot harder for me to deal with than her first one was. Perhaps on his own, it wouldn't have been TOO bad...but his playmate will be along shortly. I feel like I just can't watch that bonding go on before my eyes, under my roof, every day and know that I will never have that experience. God, just writing this feels like a kick in the gut - I'm almost in tears.

Do you think my DH understands? A little. But he also thinks I'm being a little silly. He says "Honey, you can't resent every baby. That's no way to live your life." I said "I don't resent every baby. I see lots of babies every day and I do not resent them. I don't hate their mothers. I DO resent the ones in my life every day, the ones in my face, the ones that say 'see me? you can never have me.' Those are the ones I resent." Perhaps Aaron is right. Perhaps I am being silly. I can't decide if I'm in the wrong because I don't want to be forced to put up with this anymore or if I'm just being stubborn and being a victim. CAN I deal with this? CAN I put up with having a child in my home? Yes. Do I want to? No. So am I wrong because I don't want to force myself to deal with this if I don't absolutely have to? Don't answer's more or less rhetorical. It's just another sign of my inner battle.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pardon me, Miss...your bitter is showing

That about sums me up these days. Bitter. I'm talking OJ & toothpaste bitter here, people. What's got me so bitter? I'm glad you asked.

Let's get the obvious out of the way. I haven't seen Wilma since her baby boy was born 15 days ago. We're supposed to go out painting tomorrow with another friend and she's bringing baby with her (I think), so that should be fun. Or not. Other friend doesn't like children - period. She never wants to have them. She'd prefer other people didn't have them either, but that's their choice. She's also 18, so I give her time to mature. :) At any rate, I'm going to be stuck for a few hours with a newborn that I've apparently been avoiding. I mean, how hard is it for me to take a few hours some night and go over to her house to see her? It's not like she lives far away - maybe 10 minutes. I could have gone on Friday, between classes, or sometime on Monday...but I didn't. I'm a terrible friend and I will never admit that I'm avoiding her. Her baby is adorable. I've successfully avoided baby fever the entire time she's been pg, and the entire time Giggles has been living here...only to be blindsided by it an hour after he was born. The night the baby was born, another friend of ours was talking about coming to grips with the fact that his friends were having another child. I told him "Don't worry, J. I won't make you deal with my kids." He says "That's probably a good idea. Keep them away from Uncle J." I said "No, I just won't have any." It struck me then just how bitter I was becoming.

Giggles. Giggles keeps having contractions. She keeps going to the hospital and they keep sending her home. Last week when she went in, her cervix was dilated to 2. She went to the doc yesterday and there's been no change. Tonight, however, her contractions were 2-3 minutes apart and strong enough to bring tears to her eyes. Off to the hospital they went again. I swear, I do not know what I am going to do if they bring home their baby girl. I've been more or less ignoring the fact that Giggles is pregnant simply by not talking about it too much. I've become a hermit, spending a large amount of my time in my computer room. I haven't been in my living room hardly at all for the past few months - just for the occasional movie. I've just given it over as THEIR domain. I've also been hoping against hope that they would find a place before this child is born - and I don't care if it's the day before or if the move makes her go into labor. I WANT THEM OUT BEFORE THAT CHILD IS BORN! I do NOT want a child in this house that is not mine. I realize this is selfish and you know what? I don't give a fucking rat's ass. There is no room. My sanity can't take it. I don't need the sleep dep that's going to come along with having a child across the hall. And these are all excuses for the real reason: It's not mine.

My back. I'm losing all faith in my doctors. I had my 4th injection yesterday - and it didn't work. Doc says the next step is to burn out the nerve (a rhizotomy). I don't think so. I like my nerves right where they are. This also isn't a permanent fix - nerves grow back after 6-9 months and with it comes the pain. I don't want a fucking temporary fix. I'm tired of the pills and the injections and the pain. I'm tired of not being able to walk anywhere. Six months ago walking around campus was no big deal - now it feels like several miles to walk even a short distance and I'm totally wiped. I'm tired of not being able to have sex with my husband because my hips hurt too much (the pain is spreading). I'm tired of not being able to even cuddle with him because he sleeps on my right and the right hip is the worst. It hurts to sit. I WANT MY LIFE BACK! First IF stole it...and just as I was trying to reclaim it, the pain hit hard. I'm just so fucking tired of it all. And I'm tired of being tired. I don't believe that docs can fix me any more. I think they see me as a money pit because I'm desperate for relief. I can't be on the hope roller-coaster. IF sucked that right out of me and I just can't make myself get on it for anything anymore.

I know there's more that's bothering me, but the keyboard is starting to blur from the Ambien I took a few minutes ago. It's 11:00 and I have to be up at 5:30 because my boss decided she needed me at the last minute. So...up early, then bio lab, then a night with Wilma and her baby. I don't think I like tomorrow very much and I'm not even through today yet...

Friday, October 05, 2007

Confessions of a _____ Soul

I'm not sure what category these fall under, or what's even going to come out when I write, but I have to put it down somewhere.

I started reading blogs about the time I started writing mine - a little over a year. In that time I've picked up quite a few blogs that I read regularly - more than just what's on my sidebar. The problem is that I'm not terribly interested in some of them any more. I don't know why, I'm just not. But I can't stop reading them. Why? Because I feel guilty if I try to. I feel like I should continue reading these people because I am a part of their listener base, their support system. It's not right that I just go away when they aren't interesting to me anymore - that's not fair. They aren't writing for my benefit - they are writing for their own...

..and yet I write mine in the hopes that others will read it. I hope that my blog helps other people, even though it's just about my life now and no longer primarily about infertility. Yes, infertility and my struggles with coping play a part...but it's not the primary reason for this place anymore. Now it's a place for me to vent, to put my thoughts out there for other people to read. It's selfish. I want people to listen to me as I scream, I want their support as I go through the same hard times that everyone else goes through. Part of me thinks I'm just being my usual melodrama self and that you're just tolerating me and that this is the reason I don't have many readers. Not that I don't appreciate those that I do, because I do. But I get envious of those whose blogs I stumble upon whose every post has 10-15 comments.

Jealousy. That's another big thing I feel these days. And it's silly as all hell, but it's still there. I get jealous when I see the same names pop up in different blogs all over the place, when the same people get tagged for meme's and awards and whatnot. It's pitiful and pathetic that the blogosphere should make me feel like this. And now, if anyone DOES tag me, I will always wonder if it's because they read this post and catered to me to make me feel better.

I'm miserable these days, can't you tell? I'm in the middle of a HUGE fight with Aaron, which makes me utterly depressed. I'm a negative Nelly (apologies to anyone named Nell around here) and I don't know how to get out of the hole I've sunk in to. I'm not even sure I care enough to try. As I used to say "pardon me while I lay here in the street and bleed a bit."

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Updates with Triggers

The Great Mofo Delurk 2007 So I'm a day late and a dollar short, but it's better than nothing! :)

Thanks, Beth, for asking if I'm still alive. I am, but just barely. It was a very very stressful weekend but I did not kill anyone. Except my fertility goddess...she's broken...but my fertility was already broken so I'm not sure it matters. My kitchen floor and wall are done and we're starting to put things back. Aaron and his dad managed to tear 2 holes in my brand new linoleum while putting the fridge back so i have to look into getting that fixed.

Mom's test on Thursday came back clean - no breast cancer that they can find. So it's back to the blood drawing board for her until they can find it. I think she's about ready to give up and just wait for it to show itself.

Wilma and Fred had their baby on Tuesday night. She wasn't supposed to be induced until the 10th, but when she got up she was bleeding pretty heavily. She understandably flipped and called the doc, who ordered her to the hospital. They did a blood test and there were baby cells in her blood, so they came to the conclusion that the placenta was pulling away. Rather than let her wander around until it completely detached and because a true emergency, they decided to go ahead and take him that day. :) So there's a new 7 pound 15 ounce addition...yay! On the selfish side, it means that she won't be able to come to Giggles baby shower this Sunday. I was hoping to have a few friends around that I knew, who would know what it was like (even a little) for me to be there. I don't want her bringing her newborn (who was put in the NICU yesterday because he was having troubles breathing but is ok now) into a house full of smoke.

Ok...I have an appt I have to go to and all of this was written in a drug-induced haze. YAY for Ambien....BOO for not getting enough sleep for it to wear off. Please pardon me if some of this makes no sense. I will try to update more on what's going on with me once I can focus again.

UPDATE AS OF 12:30pm MST: I do believe AF just reared her ugly and yet welcomed head. Today was CD46. If she chooses to stick around and actually flow, that would mean that the first of this long cycle was 23 days, and this one is that long as well...both of which are normal for me. Let's hope that she doesn't disappear again! And NOW I can go rub Mom's face in the fact that I KNEW I wasn't pg and she should just listen to me when I tell her it's all normal!!! :)