Saturday, September 03, 2011

Let's pretend! *updated*

*UPDATE: I have added more links under both personal support and other posts about this meme*

Have you seen the newest FB meme going around? The one that wants you to follow the list and put how many weeks faux-pregnant you are and what you're craving, based on your birth month and year? (for example, I'd be 6 weeks and craving pickels) Somehow it's supposed to raise awareness for breast cancer. I'll wait for you to think about that.

Yeah, how many weeks pretend pregnant I am does WONDERS for breast cancer awareness. Especially when we're not supposed to tell the male half of the gender world what it's about. Because, you know, they aren't affected at all. They NEVER get breast cancer. They NEVER have wives, sisters, mothers, friends, girlfriends, daughters, sons, brothers, fathers who get breast cancer. Nope. Your infertile friends are sure to understand when they find out it's "just a game", right?

I'm seriously pissed, but I couldn't figure out how to phrase what I was pissed about. And thus, I stole someone else's status from her blog post (with permission, of course). I'm quite certain I'm going to catch hell for it, but you know what? I don't care. I know we infertiles are just "too sensitive" to not being able to have children. We somehow think we're "entitled" to sensitivity. Yes, these are things I've heard over the past few years. And do you remember my post a few months ago, about being told that I was "getting a lot of slack because people know I'm never going to [get to] be pregnant again"?

So, you want to raise awareness (because somehow there's someone who isn't aware of breast cancer or how to detect it when we are bombarded with information all the time) or donate to finding a cure? Here's some places where you can go to help:

Susan G Komen Foundation
National Breast Cancer Foundation
American Cancer SocietyBreast Cancer Society

And that's just for starters, places I found with a few simple clicks of the mouse and help from google.

Here's a few people who could use personal or financial support:

Sunshine for Karen (The SIL of a friend, who is going through breast cancer treatments with very little insurance.)
Cancer and Other Hiccups  (personal blog of friend Silverlupus, about her fight with breast cancer. She can always use more support)
Cancer and Other Hiccups Facebook (facebook page of Silverlupus)

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Those are only the ones I've found so far. I'm sure there are many many more among the bloggers I don't read, and that haven't posted somewhere that they've written a post about it. This hits me on two fronts - the infertility (just because I managed to get lucky and get pregnant AND keep it AND have a healthy child does NOT mean I am no longer infertile, or that it's not still a button for me) and the cancer front - I'm sure my mother would have benefited GREATLY from all these fucking posts about breast cancer. I mean, it could have made a WORLD of difference to her. Yup.

This meme has made several people cry, others to block their friends, torn some people apart. Before you participate in these idiotic games, take a minute to think: is there anyone on your friends list that you care about who might be hurt by this?