Monday, August 07, 2006

It figures...

the one cycle where I want AF to show up early so I can get this show on the road - she's taking her sweet time. Yesterday would have been perfect for her to show up - today would be good too. The earlier she arrives the sooner I get my IUI done! I'd love to have it done BEFORE I start school, which is in exactly 2 weeks from today.

I took my scripts over to the pharmacy this morning to drop them off. I was only expecting Clomid but I also got one for the trigger shot and one for progesterone. This RE isn't taking any chances - yay for aggressive docs!!! She's out to get me ku'd and by golly she's going to do it! :)

So now we wait...hope, pray, and wait.


Amber52377 said...

OMG!! I've got everything crossed for ya Jen!! I'm soo hoping & praying this works on the 1st try. You've been waiting entirely too long for your own little bundle of joy (& spit-up ;-P)

Congrats on having a wonderfully agressive Dr. That's sooo reassuring that she's going to do what it takes to get you KU :-)


PS. Dentists SUCK!!!

Tigger said...

Hey amber - thanks for dropping me a message. I love me the comments!

I'm recovering from the dentist still - it sucks not to be able to eat. And I've started the clomid - woo!