Thursday, August 31, 2006

I am furious!

Unless DH (which at the moment does NOT stand for dear husband...) changes his mind, I will not be able to update all of you until Monday.

He says that we are going to tell the parents over the weekend, but since he doesn't get to tell his coworkers until Monday/Tuesday that I am not allowed to update my blog, Email my friends, update the boards...or even tell my best friend what the results are.

So...I'm really sorry. I know how much we were ALL looking forward to the possibility of celebration, or commisseration...and now it's been postponed because he's on a power trip or some such crap. Unless I can force him to change his mind, I will respect his decision. No sneaking on, no accidentally messaging anyone. Nothing.

Please forgive me - I have no choice in this.
EDIT/ADD ON: DH and I have been speaking. We have compromised. We will tell his parents Friday night before we leave so they have the opportunity to hug/dance/be excited with us personally. We will tell my parents Friday night (if they are awake when we get there, which is doubtful) or Saturday morning (as soon as we catch them). As soon as we are able to tell them, I will be allowed to update here. So...check back here Saturday night (I don't know when I will be able to update, exactly, so night should be good) for the results. I know it's not as good as knowing right away, but at least it's a compromise and y'all don't have to wait for Monday!


Shauna said...

That's ok Jennifer! I hope it is a bfp. You deserve it!

Anonymous said...

At least you can tell us all Saturday. I think I can wait that long....
Fingers still crossed, lady!