Sunday, February 04, 2007

I think I'm insane

As a matter of fact, I'm absolutely sure of it. Why, you might ask? Because.


A 2007 Ford Focus, to be exact, with 9 miles on it (that's after the test drive). It's wine colored (dark toreador red, according to the papers) with tan interior. Absolutely gorgeous, and it's only going to cost us $250 a month. We're going to be using a bit of our tax return to help us make those payments, but we'll be alright. I'm just in shock, panic, you-name-it mode. I do this after big purchases. I damn near freaked out when we bought the house - what's a car compared to that?!

We got the "anything that goes wrong with the car for the next 7 years is covered" warranty, and the "free oil changes for the life of the car as long as you bring it in every 3 months" plan added on. We thought those to be a good deal - it means my car will be nicer longer, and should stay in shape. Considering I really don't drive much, we should be good!

I'm excited. I love my new car. I told Aaron it was "whiney - just like me" because of the color...which makes it a perfect fit. He may never get to drive it - neither of us are under the impression that it's anything other than MY car. :) And to think...this started as a joke. Aaron said "You know hunny, the Escort is going down hill. Maybe we should use part of the tax return as a down payment on a car." I immediately said no, but then thought about it and it made sense. So I crunched a bunch of numbers, we went shopping. I did not plan on buying a car - I was certain we couldn't afford the payments. But we did, and we can, and I'm seriously freaking out. :) W00T!


Brenda said...

A new car is always nice!!!
My car is getting fixed as I type! I would love a new car. lol
Hell i would love a new house. Oh and did I ever mention that i would love to be pregnant again?
So many wants and so little money to get them all. :)

Enjoy the new car!


Adrienne said...

Congrats on the new wheels! I just love "new car" smell - does that make me weird? Of course it does!