Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I think the BFP fairy is on strike

She didn't come to my house, she didn't go to Jo's house, and she didn't go to Kimmie's place either. Where in the hell did she go?

To put it very simply: This sucks. This was Kimmie's last try...why couldn't it have been her? I can't think of a more deserving woman to have another child than Kim. She's tried everything she can do, her doc is being a butt and telling her she's too old. I say she's not. If a woman in her 60's can have a kid, Kimmie can too!

And Jo...she's another friend of mine from the WebMD boards. She and I have become really good friends over the last year or so during her journey. We're a lot alike in many ways. Her hubby travels a lot, but he was home this month when he should have been. AF is late - but her test was negative. If Kimmie can't have her BFP, could Jo have it please?

And then there's me...but I think I would rather my friends got theirs first. I can live without - I have enough things going on right now. School, the house, etc. I am hoping to be able to do IUI in January/February...the timing would be good then. This is not to say that if I get pg before that I won't be happy - I will - but if not, then I'd love for my friends to get theirs and let me live vicariously.

The following message is for the BFP fairy (just in case she deigns to read my humble blog):
Please go visit my friends. Kimmie, Jo, Wendy, Shayna, Cheryl for starters. Not necessarily in that order, but please, in the next few months, could you please go give these very deserving women the one thing we all want? What do I need to do to bribe you into this? They're doing all they can...could you cooperate a little?

and to the Baby Dust fairy:
Please sprinkle the above mentioned friends with truckloads of baby dust every day for the next 6 months...or until the BFP Fairy gets off her heiney and blesses them. Thank you!

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