Monday, June 19, 2006

I hesitate to post this

because I just know I'm going to jinx myself.

My average cycle is 25 days. The longest that FF has recorded for me is 28 and the shortest is 23.

The past 6 cycles average 24 days:
1/02 = 25
1/27 = 23
2/19 = 24
3/15 = 23
4/07 = 23
4/30 = 25

Today marks CD26 of this cycle. We have been absolute bunnies compared to normal (about 2x as much as usual...I've been trying!). Tomorrow is my birthday, and the next day is my friend Kimmie's testing day. (She'd going her second IVF round - everyone cross their fingers for her!)

I can't decide when I should test. It's not like I really get to celebrate my birthday tomorrow - Aaron has Grand Jury duty all day and I have to work until 9pm. I'm no stranger to BFN's...lord knows I'm immune to that since I expect it. I generally refuse to test until I'm good and late, and about the time I start contemplating it AF shows up anyhow. But...we've been bunnies - almost twice as much bding this month compared to all the other cycles. I'm past all my average lengths for everything (ovulation, LP, etc).

Hmmm...guess I'll figure it out eventually. Maybe I'll test on Sunday. At that point I'll be past my longest cycle ever (31 days two years ago with a chemical pregnancy). Who am I kidding - I can't wait that long. I'll update y'all when I get around to testing. In the meantime - keep your fingers crossed for Kimmie and me!

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