Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I made yesterdays post before coming back home, which means I hadn't read any of the blogs that I keep up with. As a matter of fact, I hadn't read any blog entries since Friday! (I know, I'm bad) At any rate, the first blog I read yesterday when I got home was Wendy's. Imagine my surprise to read this post. There must be something going around! :)

Saturday Aaron took me clothes shopping all day for my birthday. Mom contributed. Tonight he's going to take pictures of me in them and once I get them uploaded I will post a link to my photobucket so you can go see them. Last night he gave me a pony...4 of them, to be exact. :) (We'd had this discussion about me asking him to do things after we have sex, and how he'll agree to anything at that point. I asked for a pony, just being a smart ass. He got me a pony!) This morning he brought me in a penguin, since I'm collecting them now. What a guy! I also have $45 in Barnes & Noble gift certs to spend from family and friends. BOOKS!!!

I'll update this post later if I have anything to add. Right now I have to go get dressed and go to physical therapy. Yay me.

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