Friday, October 06, 2006

My own results are back

And it turns out I have a herniated disk! This explains the pain for sure...and the numbness. I am waiting to hear back from my doc about what we're going to do. They mentioned a "spinal specialist", along with the words "injections" and "physical therapy" to Aaron...and for me to call them back. Which I've done. Repeatedly. They just aren't returning MY calls.

So that's my saga. Sounds like IUI is on hold indefinitely until I can get this taken care of.

Update: Got in touch with my docs office. I had the option to do physical therapy or go to a neurologist. I have already tried the p/t route with very little success and the thought of anyone touching my back with the intent to fix makes me want to cry. So I opted for the neurologist person. The first appt is on 10/17 (do they really think I can like with this pain for another 11 days?!) at 1:30 in the afternoon, which is going to make me late for work. Good thing I have an understanding boss!

I'm terrified.

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Anonymous said...

Holy cow, no wonder you've been in so much pain! Poor Jen!

It'll be ok, big hugs to you and good luck talking to the doc. Don't Panic!