Friday, October 13, 2006

The good, the bad, the so-so

I'm back from the ob's office. I have news.

the good: A herniated disk shouldn't stop me from having kids. Yes, being pg is going to exacerbate the problem...but it doesn't mean I CAN'T do it.

the so-so: The ob thinks I have endo. This is good, because it would explain my IF and my insurance will cover any IF treatments related to endo. Bad, because...

the bad: It will cost us about $2500 after insurance to have a lap done and be diagnosed & have it removed. We don't have a cc that will hold that right now, so it's probably going to be 6 months or so before we get it taken care the very least.

But...I have an answer, more or less. It's about what I thought. Aaron says we should sue the RE's office for not doing a lap in the first place (due to family history) and having us do an IUI that wasn't going to work.

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