Thursday, April 07, 2011

Picture post!

I have a whole slew of pictures of Colson already - yay for cell phones! Here are a few, so you can see what he looks like, and tell me if you think he resembles his father (the nurses and doctors do, Aaron says it's just the hair).


Jess said...

He is such a doll!!

I think most babies come out looking like their dads no matter how they'll end up. It seems to be the truth. Ethan REALLY looked like Travis and now is a mix. Ava ONLY looked like Russ but now I can see Rachel's family in her. It's interesting. I once read a hypothesis that it was nature's way of helping a father bond with and not harm his infant....because they don't get the physical bond moms do!

AP said...

He is beautiful!! He looks so calm and happy. Congratulations.

I can't believe you couldn't eat chicken. That's about all I eat although a few weeks back I wanted a steak. I've never wanted steak in my life.

Enjoy your baby!!

AP said...

Second comment on the same post - is that allowed??

I'm so exicted for 11/20, as well -it's one day after my Dad's birthday so I'm kind of hoping the little spider is just one day early. Regardless i think being a November baby sounds really cool.

Oh, and your little guy is still ADORABLE!!