Thursday, December 14, 2006

Drumroll Please!

I am now a free woman for the next 4 weeks. I took my last final today. Grades HAVE to be posted by 12/20, and are finalized on 1/4. Some of my professors, however, already have grades up.

Music: A- (I thought I was going to get a C!)
Criminal Justice: B (a very solid one, I might add)
English: not in yet, but I think I have an A
Sociology: also not in yet, but had a shaky B- going in. How I did on the final will sway the balance.

Not too shabby, all things considered. I'm looking forward to this next semester (if not all the work that goes with it). I've changed my major...again...for the 3rd time this semester. What can I say - I'm indecisive. I have now settled on Social Science. It sounds interesting, and the classes I took this semester put me a lot closer to having most of the work done (except the SS specific classes).

Next semester it's Biology 100 + lab, Spanish 101 + lab, and Intro to Mathematical Thought. I may add on a fourth class - I'll have to see closer to the start of semester how I feel about that. All of those classes are 4 credits, but if you include labs then I have 5 classes. That's a lot of homework! If I DO add another class it's going to have to be something easy and fun, with not much homework.

Ok...time for me to go get ready for a Christmas Party. Aaron and I are selling Avon now, and there is an area party tonight. I figured it might be good for us to go schmooze with other reps. :) I hope you all have a wonderfully MERRY CHRISTMAS, and I will try to update again soon. Thanks for checking in on me!

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