Friday, March 31, 2006

From Cheri @ angelfire

This conversation took place over several days. I will start with my original question, and post all others in the order they were received. The address for this particular woman is Cheri's WebMD Page
On 3/24/06, Tigger wrote:

Several of the girls on the WebMd boards have recommended that I send you an email, to see what you would predict for me. I have been TTC for a while now. :)

My screenname is Tigger062077, and I go by Tigger most of the time. Thanks!
On 3/27/06, Cheri wrote:

Hi Tigger

Sorry for the delay,Its actually taking me a bit longer to get to the emails (over 200 now) and with the weekend just here, dont have computer time till I come to work really:)

its definetly been a long journey for you!! I do see a son in your future, but would tell you that you might have to try IVF... Have you also looked into adopting and surrogacy?? I figure its one of those two options that you have your daughter.

On 3/27/06, Tigger wrote:

It's funny - you said almost the same thing the docs have said. (they said IUI...but they are terribly similar procedures) :) next question (and I don't know if you/they can answer it) is: If I go the route of IUI/IVF, how many rounds will it take to succeed?

(and will you add my prediction to the website? At least I could update you on the gender...)

On 3/27/2006, Cheri wrote:


Would tell you I think One will do the trick.. I dont see you needing more than two. Not sure if they are saying that because for two kids, you need one for each kid?

I'll update the site with your info in a bit:)


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