Saturday, February 12, 2011

Drop it already!

Sooo....I looked down today and noticed that I appear to have more room between breasts and abdomen now. I don't think it looked like that a few days ago - I've been carrying up under my ribs pretty much the whole time. Enough so that a nurse friend of Aaron's was astonished at how high I'm carrying. At any rate, I've actually had a HARDER time breathing the past few days - and if he's dropped, it should be easier. We all know I'm backwards, so that doesn't surprise me in the least. I feel asthmatic, or like I've been trying to tie my shoes all day (which just doesn't happen these days - yay for slipons!)

I am going to post 2 belly shots - the first one was taken at 31w2d, and the second one tonight (I'll be 34 weeks tomorrow). Tell me - does it look like he's dropped? (please don't mind the clothes, or the stretch marks!)

For those of you with experience - how long do you think (if he's dropped) I have before he makes his arrival? I'm betting 3 weeks....

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nancy said...

Yup, it totally looks like he's dropped. Sucks that you are having a harder time breathing. With my experience, dropping totally made me breath easier.

As for guessing when you'll deliver based upon dropping, it's still a. Guessing game. I dropped "early" with Ella and she is the one I stayed the longest pregnant with.

You are looking beautiful! I freaking love belly pictures!