Wednesday, August 04, 2010


We have a heartbeat! I am so excited I could freaking burst! Instead I've been dancing around and "squee"ing all afternoon. I am finally excited. That's a real kid in there - it has a heartbeat, we're doing ok. I was terrified they'd find an empty sac, that I'd managed to convince myself I was pregnant and trick my body. Or that there would be no heartbeat when there was supposed to be one.

I have to wait until next week for the official results, because my doc is on vacation, but the tech said it looked like I am measuring where I thought I was - 6w3d. Go go Smallfry! Yes, that is the childs bloggy name - Smallfry. :) And yes, we are considering Kaylee as a first name. Why no, we aren't Serenity/Firefly fans, what gives you that impression? Just because my dog is Inara, and my child is Smallfry? :D

I have set up a Flickr stream for baby pic stuff. The ultrasound from this morning is there, as will be my belly shots (when do I start those, anyways?), and any other baby-related images. I figured a central spot was good, so all my family could get to it too without having to come here (GACK!).


Jess said...



I did a belly shot I think after heartbeat was confirmed, so I had a baseline, and then did one every other week or so. For confirmation of this (cause it's a guess from member) you can check out my belly shots, I think they're still on the sidebar on my blog.

Cate said...

Very exciting! I'm so glad this finally happened for you!

Cheryl said...

Yay!!! So exciting! Go smallfry, keep going baby!

You can start belly pictures at anytime.

Allison said...

Awesome!!! :)